Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

There was article in the papers recently about the scarcity of directors in our industry. And with the draught happening, somebody like Gautham Menon will be a valued asset, even if he’s making the same film over and over.


Varun and Nithya go through life (starting when they were 8) breaking up, patching up, breaking up and a happy ending. I’m not being brief about the plot, may be throw in another break up and patch up in there and that’s it.

Life moves on

One of the better ideas Menon came up with a while ago was the ‘passing of time’ element which local cinema only uses for 20 years or more (for the boy to become a killing machine, physically).

His films always stressed the ‘life moves on’ factor, all the more in this one. This couple meet when they were kids, years later in school again, some gap,college, again once Nithya becomes the Woman Menon wrote about in English and at the climax.

Camera and Montage

The film also stressed its experimental long takes which seemed stressed because neither the content nor the acting was good enough to make an uncut scene interesting. And the camera’s random sense of floating around doesn’t help either.

On the bright side, there was The Maestro’s music which mostly served as a montage than duet material. Humour was occasionally spontaneous, but, hearing to the actors struggle with Telugu pronunciation, it never hooks you up.


If love is all you live for, the Menon style, this one’s just for you.

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