Ye Maya Chesave Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

What is all about

Gautham Menon coming back to his initial squares where it was all romance and all breezy. And one smart move by Naga Chaitanya.


Karthik’s character (Naga Chaitanya) is sort of a bio-pic about Gautham Menon’s own ‘just out of college’ days. Karthik though an engineer by the degree holds has an immense passion for cinema and wants to be a director.


Just then, on the verge of making up his mind about the future is when Jessie (played by newcomer Samantha) walks into his life. Jessie is a malyali Christian who lives upstairs from Karthiks. She’s a post graduate and currently a working woman. Karthik instantly falls head over heels for the girl upstairs who happens to be a couple of years older than him.


A few awkward encounters pass and Karthik goes after Jessie to Kerala. And on the return journey back home is when the initial intimacy develops between the two. Jessie’s character is that of a confused and stuck between the father and the lover and basically a well scripted character (hard to find so much written about a girl’s character in South Indian cinema). The whole movie is centered around Jessie and goes about in rounds about Jessie being able to and not being able to decide about what she wants.


Towards the end Karthik gets a chance to direct a film. And the script is the thing he had written about his own tale with Jessie.



The newcomer and the female lead Samantha gives us a performance to remember. She carries herself with an ease and the little shiver which her dad created in her. A fabulous performance.

Male lead disappoints. A much better performance compared to his previous film, but, he still has a long long way to go before he can impress the audiences.

What’s good

Since the promotion for the movie had started and till I’ve seen it, the buzz was always that the new Gautham Menon film is in town. It was not the new Naga Chaitanya film or anything else. And even after the film’s over, the director reminds us again that his films belong to him the most than any of his stars.


Half of the soundtrack composed by the two time academy winner was perfect for the mood and the montage in particular was a perfect fit.

The Puri Jagannath, Gautham Menon, Shimbu and other well inserted cameos were refreshing. And also the film in a film concept being put to good use.

What could have been better.

Gautham Menon could have explored a new genre of song making.

The occasional drags in the film should have been taken care of.


A simple tale of confused characters. A good watch.

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