Yatra Director Makes Shocking Comments

Yatra director Mahi V Raghav made an interesting point to the media about the industry’s talk that the film did not deserve the right attention. Mahi V Raghav penned an open letter to the public and media where he mentioned his views on this issue. In his letter, Mahi said that he does not want to ask anyone for praise.

Yatra Director
Yatra Director

“Yatra will be a part of history. YSR Garu will be remembered and respected across generations for his compassion, humility, kindness, leadership, and generosity. It hurts to see his fans and admirers with all their good Intentions wanting celebrities to endorse or acknowledge Yatra. More than me it is YSR garu’s story and he doesn’t seek or ask for any praise. It is an insult to my work and my way of life. I tell a story for the joy of telling it. The moment we seek others acceptance or acknowledgment we become beggars. The only time I am a beggar is when I write. I beg the universe to whisper the story to me. I always have gratitude to the story, producers and the audience who gave me an opportunity to tell my story.” said Mahi V Raghav.

Yatra is produced by Vijay and Sashi under 70mm Entertainments banner.

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