Yandamuri Revealed Ram Charan’s Jaw Surgery

Renowned novelist and motivational speaker Yandamuri Veerendranath has drawn comparisons between Ram Charan and music director Devi Sri Prasad to prove the latter is better than former.

Ram Charan Jaw Surgery
Ram Charan Jaw Surgery

While addressing students of an Engineering college, Yandamuri started his speech by explaining how Ram Charan’s mother Surekha put a lot of efforts to make Ram Charan a star hero to carry the legacy of his father, Magastar Chiranjeevi. He also revealed that Charan underwent a surgery to his jawline to correct the facial drawbacks.

Then, Yandamuri explained an 8-Year-Old Boy, whom Ilayaraja praised at such young age, and how he went to become top music director Devi Sri Prasad. Yandamuri concluded that Devi Sri Prasad and Ram Charan have proved that background is not important to succeed in life.

Yandamuri conveyed that whatever Charan achieved is because of Chiranjeevi while Devi Sri is a self-made star.

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