Yamudiki Mogudu Review

Rating: 2.00/5

Critic Rating: (2.00/5)

Three Genres

Telugu films have 3 genres : The commercial film, the love story and the Yama film (which would apply to any film with a God visiting Andhra Pradesh, not just Yama). The Yama film that way can be seen as our Western, a premise and a basic set of characters we are familiar with.


Of the latest one from the genre Allari Naresh (playing Naresh) is born because of an accident by Brahma and death is not part of his fate. He also has God like powers, only he doesn’t know it yet. In the meanwhile Naresh had been trying to pass intermediate for 10 years now, but, his heart lies with the stage, a regular performer with his theater group.

Up in the heavens…The Gods approach Brahma for a solution to this deathless man and when Yama denies to help with the situation, Naradha decides to send Yama’s daughter Yamaja as a bait for the solution. Hence, Yamaja arrives when Naresh’s group is in need of a Sita for a Swayamvaram act. However, Yamaja starts stalking Naresh after the play, calling him ‘moguda’, taking the on stage marriage seriously.

Naresh intially tries to get rid of her believing she’s mad, but, ends up having to fake her to his parents as a new maid and after a while falls for he godly goodness than for the all the skin she’s been showing. Just then Yama (Shiyaji Shinde) makes an entrance and tries taking his daughter back, but, Naresh is not gonna let go and ends up traveling to the other world holding on to the tail of Yama’s vehicle – the flying bull.

The Yamalokam scenarios are the usual wherein with very little effort the hero wins hearts, makes sacrifices, dances and gives us a happy ending.

Naresh and the first 30

Most Allari Naresh films have a fun 30 minutes to start with (thanks to Naresh the performer mostly), but, as we proceed these films slump with lazy writing overdoing the ongoing gags and punchline cliches slowly losing their wit.


For any takers of Brand Naresh. I just believe that this brand can be so much more.


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