Yamaleela 2 Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Yamaleela 2 Review:“Yemaleela” entertained audience to the peak few years back and now the mythological backdrop venture is on screens again with a different story. Mohan Babu, who is known for mythological character Yama, has once again came on to the screens in the entertaining role. Read on to know more about this flick.


Just like the “Yemaleela” flick, this one too is about the Bhavishyavani book and the humans. In the previous version, hero knows what is written in Bhavishyavani and will try to escape the hurdles. In this version, similar story was seen on screen. Krish (Satish) falls in love with Anandi (Diah Nicolas). He goes to Manasarovaram on one reason and Chitragupta in a particular scenario passes that book to this human. As expected, Krish will disappear with the book and the hunt will be on progress. Why Krish went to Manasarovaram and why did he disappear after taking Bhavisyavani should be seen on the big screen.

Star Performance:

Mohan Babu and Brahmanandam combination which worked out well in “Yamadonga” didn’t go up to the limit in this venture. The scope for their roles were limited and the entertainment quotient was not as expected.

On the other hand, Satish and Diah worked out on average scale on screen. They were first timers and they tried to prove themselves with this venture. After “Yemaleela”, audience has expectations on the comedy section of this flick. As first timers, the lead pair didn’t show much affect on this section. Even the experienced star cast performed to average level.

Technical Aspects:

Production values lived up to the expectations but other departments crushed the venture. “Yemaleela” was a comedy oriented emotional flick and the film maker failed to give a perfect sequel for that flick. For sure, audience will remember the performance of Ali in the first flick, when they see the sequel venture.

Music too was one of the highlights for the previous version and this time, even music didn’t help the venture to move up in the ratings. Film maker kept most of his attention on the visual effects. Without good story, even rich visual effects may not help the venture to get great talk.

On an Average:

On an average, the flick is on the below average line. For the audience, who have the first version in mind, this flick will look a bit dull. For the first timers, this venture may appear good due to visual effects. Mohan Babu and Brahmi combination too didn’t attract much on screen and this is a big drawback for the flick.

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