Yamagola Malli Modalaindhi

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Yamagola Malli Modalaindhi is not for the family audiences due to over dose of vulgar dialogues. Though the movie is over all entertaining, the second half suffers a big break. Though, director Srinivasa Reddy promised healthy entertainer, the output is clearly marked for the mass sections.  


Aishwarya (Meera Jasmine) is born into a wealthy family. Her birth brings all happiness, riches, name and fame to the family. But, the tragedy in

her horoscope is that she would die at the age of 28. At the Yamaloka, old Yama and old Chitragupta want to retire from their duties. They send their grandsons Jr. Yama (Srikanth) and Jr. Chitragupta (Venu) to Earth on an assignment. The duo has to take out the life of Aishwarya. But, both start loving the human beings. While Jr. Yama falls in love with Aishwarya, his friend goes flat for a lady cop Vyjayanthi (Reema Sen). It is against the sanctity of love to kill the girl. At the same time, it is against Yamadharma to save the girl. What do they do? Which wins at the climax? Love or Yamadharma? It forms the crux of the movie.


Srikanth brought full justice to his role as Jr. Yama.  Same is the case with Venu as

Jr. Chitragupta. Both the girls Meera Jasmine and Reema Sen are perfect selections to the heroes. Krishan Bhagwan steals the show from start to finish as Narada.  Satyanarayana’s role as Yamadharmaraju is highly commendable. Despite aging, he performed naturally. Interestingly, the screen Yama also gets old as per the story. For Chitragupta, the Timeless, graphics of late Allu Ramalingaiah were used. All the roles coming under the prescription of the director came out in fine mould.

Technical Details

Yamagola Malli Modalaindhi.
Though the title is arresting, in reality it has no punch. It means to say that the Jr. Yama and Jr. Chitragupta arrived on the earth to start Yamagola. But, the climax is not convincing. Screenplay

of Sreenivasa Reddy makes one feel that he is watching the episodes on a TV serial. Direction is middle-of-the-road.  The computer graphics are average. The scene in which Kamal Hassan as Bharateeyudu entering the Hell and later sent to Heaven is a good watch. The audience generally think of something else when it comes Yamalok set. However, the production values are mediocre. Music by Jeevan Thomas a saving grace. The song sequence showing Srikanth and Venu in NTR getups is simply superb. Stunts are average. It is interesting to see the fighters used as Cricket balls.  Comedy is good. But it is not adequate. Instead of comedy in action, the audience are given dialogue-based comedy, thus making a big disappointment. The episode showing Rajiv Kanakala as Earthly Keechaka is side-splitting.  


Mass audience will like the movie. However, vulgarity is a big minus point. For those, who had already watched Yamadonga, this film will throw a big disappointment when it comes to Yamalokam set and technical values.

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