Wrong Burger costs McD Rs 15000

Hope Many of the people in India knows the cost of Burger, but recently a consumer forum ordered McDonald’s to pay Rs 15000 to one of its customers for delivering a non-veg burger.Actually Vimal Chaudhary, who is resident of Delhi, ordered two vegetarian burgers in McDonald’s, but unfortunately the delivery–crew-member of Mcdonald’s delivered one non-vegetarian and one vegetarian burger.

After eating half of the burger she realised that it was a non-veg burger and thereafter, she started vomiting.So, she filed a complaint on McDonald’s for delivering the wrong Burger to her instead of the vegetarian one she ordered.She also stated that being an Arya Samaj follower and a Hindu, eating the non-vegetarian food has hurt her emotionally and she also suffered religiously.

Following to the complaint,the South West District Consumer Forum directed McDonald’s to pay the complainant Rs 10,000 as compensation and Rs 5,000 as cost of litigation.So, now McDonald’s have to pay RS 15000 to Vimal Chaudhary for delivering the wrong burger.

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