Writer-Producer Vinta Nanda accuses Sanskari Actor of raping her

Me Too movement is taking a strong direction with the recent developments. The journalists have openly reacted and charged sexual harassment allegations on many of their previous colleagues. The film industry personalities are also opening up about the same, After 19 years, producer Vinta Nanda, who is behind the popular TV show Tara opened up about the harassment she faced by Bollywood’s favorite and most Sanskari actor Alok Nath. She did not write his name directly but gave all sufficient hints that it is him and no one else.

Alok Nath and Vinta Nanda
Alok Nath and Vinta Nanda

In her long Facebook post, she has clearly mentioned that Alok Nath attempted a rape on her to which she resisted. She said that he harassed her physically and mentally while doing the show with him. She also alleged that Alok Nath did all kind of politics to keep her away from the TV show. She translated all her pain over the years into words and thanked the other women for bringing courage in her.

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