Woods gives wife 150 million dollars

Tiger Woods is desperately trying to redeem himself and has given wife Elin 150 million dollars as a “forgive me” gift, it has emerged.

In fact, he even plans to give her an extra 150 million dollars if they are still married in two years in a deal reportedly negotiated by Elin’s sister Josefin Lonnborg, a high-powered corporate attorney.

A source close to the couple told the Sunday Express: “Tiger accepts that even this amazing gesture is no guarantee that Elin won’t go ahead and divorce him but he is desperate to redeem himself and figures this is one way to go about that.

“The other is keeping the promise he has made over and over to his wife never to stray again.”

Moreover, Woods, 34, has also pledged to continue sex addiction therapy.

While referring to the revelations of Woods’ fondness for sending sexual text messages to a porn star mistress, a second source insisted: “I don’t think the latest kiss-and-tell caused even a slight ripple in their household. Tiger is keeping as quiet as he can and Elin is way beyond the stage of caring what any of them have to say any more. What did surprise her though was her husband’s extraordinary cash gift.

“Don’t misinterpret this. Elin isn’t going to be swayed one way or the other by any amount of cash. Her continuing marriage to Tiger is solely dependent on him now; on the way he embraces the therapy he is undergoing just as much as the way he behaves. It’s true to say she has thawed a lot since the car crash back on Thanksgiving [November 26] but Tiger isn’t off the hook yet. (ANI)

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