Women’s day Special! A sneak peek into women-oriented films

Cinema is often considered to be a male-dominated industry, where heroes are treated as demi-gods and go on to star in leading roles long after their 30s. However, the same isn’t the case for the actresses. Many a times, their role in films is limited to a song-and-dance sequence, and once they are older, not even that.

Womens Day Special
Womens Day Special

In Tollywood, there are many women-oriented films which pushed the boundaries of Indian Cinema to the next level. Films such as: Arundhathi, Rudhramadevi, Osey Ramulamma, Jyothi Lakshmi and to name a few enhanced Telugu Cinema range and remains as blockbuster hits.

Actresses like Anushka, Vijayashanti, Vijay Nirmala, Savitri, Kanchana Mala won many laurels for their extraordinary acting skills in women oriented flicks especially. However, there are a few films that gave some of the leading actresses’ lots of scope to perform. These films gained critical acclaim as well good box office collections. On the occasion of Women’s Day, we wish a very a happy women’s day to all.

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