Only Women’s day? No women’s night? – Questions RGV

The permanent address of controversies Ram Gopal Varma made headlines Yesterday yet again. As the day was world’s Women’s day, he tweeted about women in his own style.

RGV Womens Day Tweets
RGV Womens Day Tweets

Known for his open declaration of love and lust towards women, Varma had given work to his Twitter bird yesterday. On the day of Women’s day, he opened the door of controversy by saying that he wishes all women should satisfy like Sunny Leone was doing to men. Deeply hurt by this tweet, a Goan women activist lodged a complaint on him. Reacting to this, Varma countered her by saying that 18 lakhs followers of Sunny Leone should lodge complaints on 212 activists for hurting their feelings.

He went further and asked if there exists a women’s night like Women’s day. RGV continued by saying that he loves and respects all women in the world except his mother’s, sisters and aunts.

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