Women go for nice guys

In the long run women will always choose a nice guy.That’s the conclusion of a new study.

Published in the British Journal of Psychology, the study said what women really want is men with big hearts, reports The Daily Express.

In experiments, men who had “altruistic interests” – such as working for a charity – were consistently found to have much more appeal.

Dr Pat Barclay said: “Folk wisdom argues that ‘nice guys finish last’ and are less attractive than ‘bad boys’.

“We found that women showed a strong preference for relationships with altruistic men.

“This suggests that women are attuned to generosity, and altruism serves a purpose in mate selection.”

The study of 150 Canadian women concluded: “If a man is kind and generous towards others – even strangers – then there’s a good chance that he’d make a good and generous parent.”

In case of men: they don’t give much thought to how kind-hearted a woman is, unless they plan to marry. (ANI)

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