Woman’s Ruckus Infront of Pawan Kalyan’s house

A lady has been taken into custody after she created a ruckus in front of the house of Pawan Kalyan.

This girl named Jyothi has reportedly been wandering at the premises of Pawan Kalyan’s house in Jubilee Hills for the past four months. On Wednesday evening, when her demand of meeting Pawan Kalyan did not meet, she resorted to a verbal fight the security, who immediately alerted police.

Pawan Kalyan House
Pawan Kalyan House

Jyothi alleged that security has been stopping her from meeting Pawan for the past four months. She also expressed her wish of meeting Pawan Kalyan to explain him her marital plights. She even didn’t listen to the words of police and sat right in the middle of the road alleging they misbehaved with her. After many lulls, she was finally convinced and taken into the custody.

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