Woman raped in moving train!

THRISSUR: In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old woman returning home for a marriage proposal was allegedly raped in a moving train and suspected to have been thrown out, leaving her with multiple serious injuries.

The guard of the Ernakulam-Shornur passenger train informed the railway police that a woman had fallen from the train last night following which a search was conducted and she was found lying on the tracks between Vallatholnagar and Shornur stations at 2130 hrs, police sources said.

The woman who was rushed to Thrissur medical college hospital by the police escort vehicle of Revenue Minister K P Rajendran, is in a ‘very critical’ condition.

Dr V K Mohanan, Superintendent of the hospital, said the woman was raped and her condition was ‘very critical’. She had head injuries, a fractured skull, bleeding in the brain and was on the ventilator.

Mohanan said most of her injuries were on the face and hand and this could be because she was thrown from the train. Normally, when a person jumps from the moving train, the injuries are on the legs.

Police said a man entered the empty compartment as the train left the station at Vallatholnagar. They are also verifying if she jumped or was pushed out from the running train by the man, who got into the compartment.

The woman was employed at Kochi in a private firm and was on her way to home at Manjakad near Shornur. She was coming home in connection with a marriage proposal.

Te Vallathol Nagar Railway Station sources said the woman was found lying in a pool of blood with multiple injuries in an unconscious state 400 m away from the station late last night.

The woman’s compartment is usually almost empty after the train leaves Thrissur. There were no railway guard or policemen in the compartment, sources said.(PTI)

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