Will theatres in Telengana gets seized?

Movie Theaters in Telangana

Soon after the bifurcation of the state, the industries, employees, students, resources and several other vital aspects got divided. But, film industry is still moving ahead as a combined one for both the state. Looks like, Telengana producers are not happy with the industry.

They are now agitating for separate film industry. As per their version, small films in Telengana are not being released in the state due to few influential persons. President of Telengana Producers Guild, Rama Krishna mentioned that he is facing tough times from the fans of the influential persons when he moves opposite to them in this case.

Hence, he decided to move ahead with agitation. He mentioned that these agitators will seize theatres in Telengana if the influential persons doesn’t cancel their lease with the theatres. This may further move to a new level in near future.

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