‘I will be more selective now’ – Kavya Madhavan

Kavya Madhavan could be considered a Mollywood sweetheart, starting her on screen career as a child artist and then practically growing up in to the beautiful actress she is today in front of the adoring fans. Unfortunately she is a tabloid sweetheart too, as the media keeps hounding her over and over again in pursuit of the various so called ‘scandals’.


However the multi talented starlet gives more credence and priority to her passion and her craft, as evidenced by her new approach to selecting projects.

“I’m just more selective now. I realized that most of the roles I had been doing and was getting were becoming repetitive. Now, I plan to do only roles that demand my presence in the film.” Kavya says.

The actress hasn’t been onscreen since the multi directorial romantic anthology ‘5 Sundarikal’ which came out last year.

That doesn’t mean though that she is away from the spotlight as the rumor mill keeps dragging her name in to the trashiest sensations through no fault of her own. Recently, there had been a fake news item that got spread through the social media that Kavya was to marry actor Dileep come this June. It turned out to be a malicious prank that had everybody up in rows and forced Dileep to file an official complaint with the police against the anonymous pranksters.


The funny thing is that Kavya was probably one of the last people to know about her alleged wedding. Before that, she was also accused for being the reason for the breakup of Dileep’s marriage with Manju Warrier –something that was vehemently opposed by Dileep and was never confirmed to be true.

Needless to say, Kavya’s own marriage dissolution in a short span didn’t help things any.

Whatever the lies and half truths may be, the fact remains that Kavya has been at the front row of her profession for years now, no small feat in a highly competitive industry. We hope, the trash talkers and gossip mongers take a step back and let the real talent beneath the sensations to shine through.

In other words, let us hope we see more of Kavya on the big screen in the years to come…

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