What will Renu Desai say about her life with Pawan Kalyan?

Renu Desai Personal Life

Renu Desai revealed that she will say vital information about her life today and fans of Power Star are eagerly waiting for this Tollywood actress to speak on her life with Pawan Kalyan. There are several interesting topics in Renu Desai’s life and her life with Pawan is one among them.

She is a mother of two kids and she is an eminent film maker and a confident lady. People are interested to know about her life and to get inspired by her leadership skills. “What will Renu say about Pawan?” turned out to be the point. Pawan mentioned that they got separated due to few personal reasons. “Will Renu reveal those reasons?” is an interesting question.

Renu Desai is known to be a silent lady in film industry and, “Why did she take the decision of speak about her life all of a sudden?” turned out to be another interesting topic. To know the answer for all the questions, we need to wait till Renu Desai reveals the facts. Stay tuned!

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