Will people force Anjali to do that?

Hot Telugu belle Anjali came on to the screens with Kollywood flicks. Soon after achieving fame in that industry, Anjali stepped into Tollywood and is now in top position. Few days back, Kollywood film maker Kalanjiyam filed case against Anjali that she took his money without giving the dates.


Unfortunately, Kalanjiyam is now in hospital as he encountered accident few days back in Ongole. It seems that Kalanjiyam ran out of money and is asking friends and family members for help. In this scenario, he once again pleaded Anjali to give his money back as it would help him in this tough situation.

Till the time of the accident, situations were on Anjali’s side and now the entire focus and sympathy of the people changed the sides. Now, people may demand Anjali to give his money back and help him in the tough situation. Anjali too may feel pity on the condition of her producer and may help him accordingly.

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