Will Pawan target Jagan in the Vizag meeting?


Jana Sena Party is all set to be in Vizag soon where Power Star Pawan Kalyan will address a huge gathering. This would mark the second official public meeting by the Jana Sena Head and everyone is anxious about what the agenda would be. As per few sources Pawan will address the masses in the very same fashion as he did in Hyderabad.

The party insiders indicate that Pawan did an exhaustive discussion on the current state of political affairs before setting foot on the ground. He had held lengthy meetings with visionaries and intellects like Kanche Ilayya and Ex CBi Chief Lakshmi Narayana. The details were more on KCR and Jagan. Pawan had blatantly attacked KCR in the first meeting, asking why so many students were sacrificed for the cause called Telangana. That stirred anger among the youth. He had also pointed that KCR threatened many to get his personal selfish goal see the light of the day.

It remains to be seen if Pawan attacks Jagan in an open forum in the next meeting.

If yes, the open angst and a radical questioning by Pawan Kalyan are bound to shake the masses once again.


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