Will parents blast RGV in Tollywood?

Ram gopal Varma, the director who is known for his controversial films in North India, came to Hyderabad and is working on small scale ventures, from the past few months. Adding to this, he is increasing the dosage of adult content in Tollywood.

Savitri Poster

He is now coming up with a film titled “Savitri”. This will have a teenager’s crush on teacher. In the past, parents blasted the film makers who introduced these sort of films to Tollywood. Now, RGV is coming up with huge scale and there are chances for parents to fire on RGV.

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Interestingly, he is even conducting a contest in which one can express their real first crush stories on teachers. When women centric scenario are turning sensitive in the recent times, “Can RGV escape the pounce of the parents?” turned out to be a debate point. Lets see how it goes!

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