Will Nitin put check to Varun Teja this week?

Nithin Chinnadana Nee Kosam

Young and dynamic star Nitin is set to test his luck this week with “Chinnadana Neekosam”. This venture is set to hit the screens for this weekend. As per the talk, this flick will be too entertaining and is having youthful content.

With this, doubts raised in the media that, “Will Nitin dominate Varun Teja at the box office or will the reverse happens?” Nitin is stated to be in the process of getting hattrick while Varun Teja just came into the picture.

Censor talk and the inside talk on “Chinnadana Neekosam” is too good and hence there are chances for “Mukunda” to bow to the Nitin’s flick. If this happens, the collections of “Mukunda” may fall abruptly soon after Christmas. Stay tuned to know more.

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