Will Nagarjuna commit that mistake?

King Nagarjuna made several mistakeWill Nagarjuna commit that mistakes in his film career. Few of them turned down her film career on the big screen. Analysts still believe that the main reason for commercial failures of Nagarjuna’s recent solo hero films is his wrong decisions. Now, he got one more situation where he may take a wrong decision.


For now, Nagarjuna is really the king of small screen. He attained this status with the show “Meelo Evaru Koteswarudu”. Shooting of a season of this show has been done and hence he got few months of holidays. In this span, few directors are planning to make films with Nagarjuna. It seems that they are approaching this star for his dates.

This is a delicate aspect as now small screen and the big screen career of Nagarjuna are moving in parallel track. One aspect may affect the other one to major extent. “Will Nagarjuna commit the previous mistake in this aspect?” turned out to be the debate point.

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