Will Mary Kom release in Manipur?

Looks like, things are a little difficult for Team Mary Kom. There was much being said about Mary Kom’s biopic and now making it to the news is that the film will not release in Mary Kom’s home state, Manipur.


It is not that only Mary Kom is not having a release in Manipur, but since 2000, no Bollywood Movie has released in Manipur. Back in 2000, in the movement to make Manipur an independent socialist state, the separatist group Revolutionary Peoples Front, had banned use of Hindi and Hindi films too. And since then, in the land of Manipur, no Bollywood film or Hindi Television show has released. Even use of Hindi as a language is forbidden.

Omung Kumar has more anger to face from the Manipuris, as first and foremost, no Manipuri actress was casted to play the role of Mary Kom, who has the typical Central Asian and Manipuri features. But instead Team Sanjay Leela Bhansali went on to cast Priyanka Chopra, who doesn’t even have slight resemblance with Mary Kom. But with the help of Prosthetics and make up by International Artists, the desired look is sought for.

PeeCee may not look like Mary Kom, may not be of her height, maybe a little curvier and less muscular than Mary Kom, but the actress has put in a lot of blood and sweat to prep herself for the role. Mary Kom is trying hard on her end too, so that the film finds a release in Manipur. And we just hope that things work out fine for Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Mary Kom.

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