Will this film turn him into a superstar again?

“Simhadri” is the film which turned a normal hero Jr.NTR into a superstar. This flick pushed Jr.NTR literally into the top 5 race. With time, Jr.NTR proved himself and came to the top position in Tollywood. From the past 2 years, this actor is not having a perfect blockbuster. “Badshah” turned out to be a good flick but it didn’t produce enough growth to Jr.NTR.


“Ramayya Vastavayya” came up with huge expectation but it finally turned out to be a dud at the box office. Now, the main hope for Jr.NTR is all on “Rabasa”. This venture is expected to give good push to Jr.NTR, but the hype on the flick is not up to the mark. Even though, this flick is being heard sometimes in the media, “Rabasa” is not drowning audience with series of teasers and trailers.

Hence, “Will this film really turn him into a superstar again?” turned out to be the point. If Jr.NTR gets a blockbuster with this flick, he is sure of becoming a big threat to Pawan and Mahesh in Tollywood. Previously, Jr.NTR used to be on the top of these 2 stars but the series of low rated flicks destroyed him in the last 2 years.

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