Will Anushka postpone her marriage plan again?

Few events in life are quite precious. Marriage is one among them. Generally, it comes only once for majority of the Indians. Timing for the marriage too is quite crucial as girls get married at the age of 25, the time when their career is on full pace. The same is the case with boys.


For film actresses, in one sense, marriage is a big hurdle. Their future career depends on their hubby and the glamour quotient too gets destroyed. Hence, producers doesn’t prefer married ladies more for their flicks. Hence, heroines feel like minting money before marriage. But, “What if the minting doesn’t stop at all?”

This is the case of Anushka. This beauty thought of getting married few years back. She got series of high budgeted ventures and she postponed her marriage. Everyone felt that she will get married after “Bahubali”. Fortunately or unfortunately, Anushka got Rajanikanth’s “Linga” offer. Hence, Anushka may postpone his marriage plan again. Tough as well as high time for Anushka!

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