Will “Alludu Seenu” item song change Tamanna’s track?

Tamanna Bhatia, the name itself memorizes the milky beauty and her stunning looks, is now coming up as item bomb in Tollywood. There is a close relation between Tamanna and Shriya Saran. Few years back, Shriya was in the same situation. She has “Shivaji” in hand and she danced in an item song for Ram’s “Devadas”.


Soon after this act, Shriya lost offers as heroine and got offers as an item bomb. Even the flick “Shivaji” didn’t save her from this direction. Now, Tamanna Bhatia is in the same track. She has “Bahubali” and “Aagadu” in hand and she is dancing in an item song for “Alludu Seenu”. If Tamanna impresses audience as item bomb, she is sure of getting offers in Tollywood as item girl.

More over, producers won’t feel it tough to give high pay to Tamanna as item girl as she is good at dance as well as glamour show. There are high chances for Tamanna to turn into an item girl if she fails to catch the pulse of audience with “Bahubali” and “Aagadu”.

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