Wild party pics led to Peter Andre, Jordan split!

London: Former glamour model Katie Price aka Jordan is set to reveal in her upcoming autobiography that Peter Andre dumped her because of photos of her on a wild bender.

The book will explain how Andre declared their split seconds after he saw the photos of her party with male friends.

Jordan was snapped sozzled and flashing her cleavage as she sank vodka in a nightclub and cosied up to the posh blokes.

Andre was furious when he saw Jordan’s pictures and called his wife.

The autobiography is called You Only Live Once, out in October.

“The moment Pete saw those snaps was the moment their fairytale relationship was over,” the Sun quoted a source as saying.

“They’d been bickering so much and followed constantly by TV cameras – Pete just reached tipping point. He could no longer stay married to her.

“They had a blazing row on the phone and immediately knew it was over,” the source added.


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