Why Vikram stepped out of ‘24’?

Vikram Kumar’s debut directorial ‘Alai’ drenched him with pathetic results and nearly after 5 long years; the filmmaker came up with a magnificent thriller ‘Yaavarum Nalam’. Both Tamil and Hindi version titled ‘13B’ turned to be big grosser at box office.

Eventually, Vikram Kumar received more offers in tinsel town and finally signed actor Vikram for a sci-fi thriller titled ‘24’. The film is produced by Mohan Natarajan and marked the reentry of Tollywood’s hottie Ileana in female lead. Nearly, before a month, the film started rolling and apparently got stalled for unknown reason.

On the spur of moment, Vikram made official confirmations about dropping ‘24’. When we spoke with filmmaker Vikram Kumar, he said, “During the last moment, I fine-tuned the script for better results, which was completely refused by both Vikram and producer Mohan Natarajan. I decided not to complete the film with such difference of opinions and voluntarily walked out. Now, I am busy making few changes in the script and will approach a leading actor.”

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