Why Senior Actress Tried to Commit Suicide?

Senior actress Yamuna has in her latest interview revealed the circumstances that led her to try to commit suicide.

Yamuna is well known to Telugu audiences with ‘Mamagaru’ and several other films. After having a successful career in films, she acted in several serials and became a darling of female audiences. An actress of such reputation, however, had to face huge embarrassment a few years ago when she was caught in a prostitution scandal.

Yamuna Commits Suicide
Yamuna Commits Suicide

Yamuna, however, denied her involvement in the prostitution scandal and said that she was framed in the entire episode. ‘It was a mentally torturing experience. I didn’t go to the hotel that day, but I was made a culprit by few influential people. I wanted to commit suicide several times, but the concern for the future of my children kept me alive’.

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