Why Renu Desai Hiding New Husband’s Identity?

Renu Desai has revealed a multiple time that she is in search of a person who could share her life. Recently, she hinted that she found someone who could love her unconditionally and take of the kids. Right now, Renu is enjoying a vacation at Goa along with friends, Akira and Aadhya. Apparently, Renu revealed that she is not given privacy by her friends while having fun in Goa.

Renu Desai Second Marriage
Renu Desai Second Marriage

She revealed this on her social networking profile. Renu posted a picture and said that her friends captured it while she is texting her would be. On a funny note, she claimed that her friends are not giving her the privacy.

These comments indirectly reveal that she is hiding the identity of her second husband. We have to wait few more days to hear it officially from Renu Desai.

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