Why Rana and Trisha Went to Corner Table?

Trisha and Rana at Manoj Sangeeth Event
Trisha and Rana at Manoj Sangeeth Event

Trisha and Rana once again hits the news with Manchu Manoj’s sangeeth party. Actress Trisha, who called off her engagement with Varun Manian recently moving close back to her good friend Rana Daggubati. The duo turned hot topic in the sangeeth event of Manchu Manoj, which was held recently at five star hotel in Hyderabad. Several celebrities from the film industry graced the event and all have good fun in the event.

Trisha and Rana Daggubati were spotted together after a long gap in Manoj sangeeth event and the duo spent some cosy time by putting their past behind them. As per the reports Rana and Trisha spotted having some serious coneversation at a corner table in the function hall, which left many wondering whether they are back to being ‘good friends’ again. Now this turned the ho topic in the industry!!

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Earlier also we heard several rumors about their relationship but they confirmed that they are jsut good friends, now once again itseems that they are becoming good friends!!

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