Why Nellore is the target for Aliens?

Andhra Jyothy news channel has telecasted a story about the flying humans in Nellore which has become the hot topic for discussion on social media. As per the report, people of few villages of Nellore district are so afraid that they could not come out of their houses after 8pm since they have seen flying objects in the sky which resemble like humans with wings.

While the people are calling them as either ghosts or messengers of Gods, educated people are calling them just some shadows formed due to environmental changes. Whatever they might be, people living in the premises are very scared.

In Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh, several eye-witnesses swear to have seen a couple of humans with wings flying in the sky. Watch here for Video.

Few people are linking this to ISRO, which is located near to Nellore and calling them as aliens who are trying to contact with ISRO. A year ago, a similar incident occurred in Brazil. Now it occurred in Nellore but in Brazil they called as “Angels floating in the sky” and we are calling as Ghosts,Aliens and Flying Humans.

How many of you believe about flying humans after watching these videos!!

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