Why Namitha Ran Behind Auto for Driver’s Selfie?

Buxom babe Namitha enjoys superstardom in Tamil Nadu. She also has a couple of temples constructed in her name. An actress with such fan following has recently surprised an auto driver by seeking a selfie.

Namitha Auto Driver Selfie
Namitha Auto Driver Selfie

Namitha was recently driving through Chennai roads. When she spotted an auto, she followed it, stopped it and requested a selfie with the driver. Guess the reason?

The auto driver was a middle-class woman, who resorted to the job to help her family sustain. Namitha was so moved after spotting her that she literally ran after her to take a selfie with her, needless to say, that the woman was shocked as well as excited when a star heroine asked for a selfie with her.

Namitha’s act is receiving praise on social media. It might encourage few other celebs to encourage the independent women.

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