Why is Abbas excited

MUMBAI, JUNE 12 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Abbas Tyerwala is a huge fan of Mansoor Khan… and was jumping with joy the day he came to known that none other than Mansoor Khan was joining him as creative producer on Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na. Says Abbas Tyerwala, "I was ecstatic… Aamir Khan called me to say that there is only one person he trusted to produce the film, apart from himself and before he could say it, I just knew it. I knew it was Mansoor Khan and I was jumping with joy. I loved the way he made youth look and all his films, whether it was QSQT, Jo Jeeta woh sikander, akhela tum akhela hum… were so fresh and the way he always had his actor as a boy hero instead of a macho heroic guy. One gets to learn so much with just being around a man like him."

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