Why Does Blind Hero Need a Watch?

The theatrical trailer of Hrithik Roshan’s upcoming film ‘Kaabil’ has impressed viewers but one aspect in the trailer has become a topic of discussion on social media.

Hrithik Roshan Watch in Kaabil
Hrithik Roshan Watch in Kaabil

Both Hrithik and film’s leading lady Yami Gautham are playing visually challenged people in Kaabil. In the promos, Hrithik was seen wearing a watch to his hand. Some film fanatics had started questioning on social media why Hrithik needed a watch when he was blind in the movie.

Film’s director Sanjay Gupta has responded to these negative comments and said that some people need to improve their common sense and general knowledge. ‘Braille watches have been in use for a long time to help blind people. Hrithik uses the similar watch in the film. I can’t reveal much about the watch as it plays a crucial role in the film. I think some people are determined to criticize despite how hard filmmakers work,’ he added.

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