Why did Mohan Babu meet RGV?

The meeting of director Ram Gopal Varma and actor Mohan Babu has now become the hot topic of media. This happened only a day after Mohan Babu joined the YSR Congress Party. Meanwhile, RGV is also prepping up to release Lakshmi’s NTR, which will showcase Chandra Babu Naidu in a negative light.

Mohan Babu Meets RGV
Mohan Babu Meets RGV

RGV hinted that their meet is about CBN, by a series of tweets. He tweeted, ” I never thought @ncbn was this b…d F…k. Sir , I am happy that at least now u are telling the real truths about @ncbn. I feel like slapping the VENNUPOTUDAARULU and clapping the ⁦@themohanbabu⁩ #LakshmisNTR.”

He ended the thread by saying, ” Rowdylaku Rowdilu.” Though neither of them revealed what’s the matter behind their meet but many claims that there is a hidden political agenda behind it.

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