Why Choreographer Bharat Committed Suicide?

It is known that ‘Aata’ fame Choreographer Bharat has the other day committed suicide in his house in Motinagar in Hyderabad. Whle investigating, police found few fascinating details.

Bharat Suicide Reasons
Bharat Suicide Reasons

There is a theory that as he is not getting chances in films, he committed suicide due to monetary issues. Another theory is that his love life is the reason. Bharat fell in love with a girl of cinema industry however their relation couldn’t go further. Owing to the pressure of his family, he got engaged to a Vijayawada based girl. As he couldn’t forget his lover, he might have committed suicide.

Another source said that as his engaged lady refused to marry him by sending a message in WhatsApp, he committed suicide. The truth is still unknown. However, investigation is going on Bharat’s death and soon we will get to know the confirmed details!!

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