Why Cheat India Movie Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Movie Name Why Cheat India
Movie Rating 1.5/5
Movie Cast  Emraan Hashmi,Shreya Dhanwanthary,Ammar Taalwala
Director Soumik Sen
Music Director Guru Randhawa, Soumik Sen, Rochak Kohli, Agnee, Krsna, Neel Adhikari
Production Company Bhushan Kumar, Atul Kasbekar, Kirshan Kumar
Release Date January 18, 2019

Soumik Sen who has made small and not-so-great films comes up with a con movie Why Cheat India. Starring Emraan Hashmi, the trailer revealed the plot well but there was nothing intriguing about it. However, some films can do blunders in trailers and wonders in the real film. Unfortunately, this film does blunder in the film too. Yes, the film suffers and how.

Emraan Hashmi in Cheat India
Emraan Hashmi in Cheat India

Why Cheat India is the story of Rakesh Singh (Emraan Hashmi) who begins a as a failed person in bagging a successful career through his exam performance emerges into conning using the same exam system. In other words, he starts an unethical business of making intelligent middle-class students write exams for the well-off dumb ones. He is making everyone happy in the business. The smart kid gets money, the dumb kid gets marks and Rakesh makes lumpsum. Sattu is a bright student who is the first beneficiary of this ‘dhanda’. Sattu rises into a pro of proxy business. However, on the flipside, money drags him into drugs and women and all the other expected lures. On the other hand, Rakesh is multiplying his areas of business. The rest of the film is about whether the scam unfolds and how.

Needless to say, cheating is an integral part of India. We see it and probably would have done it right from the school days. The movie does try to tell that the education system is wrong in India and needs to be corrected. Sadly, the way the director tells it is very ineffective. The screenplay is either cliched or annoying. To make worse, there are songs placed unnecessarily. The movies treatment is two-decade year old. The base concept is so relevant and never attempted full fledge in Bollywood, making it a nice opportunity with the makers. The chance was not made use of with such a superficial dealing. The movie lacks in detailing and gets convenient wherever it can. The exam details are not revealed, the proxy-ing many a times sounds unconvincing. More than anything, the story gets confused between whether it wants to give a message or portray a satire or both or none of these.

Why Cheat India
Why Cheat India

Performances wise, Emraan does get into the character and makes his presence effective. But, the character is not well -defines. Even the supporting characters are not well -defined. The movie characters layers seem lacking something.

The dialogues of the film lack punch despite having punchlines. There is some melodrama abut students suicide which might touch at times. But the rest of the moments are so obvious. The film’s editing is a big minus for the film. The cuts are so incoherent and not well thought. That made an already boring film, repelling, the songs especially could have been clearly chopped, in fact should have been discarded at its conception stage itself.

Emraan is doing a film after very long and sadly it doesn’t do any favour to him.

This proxy saga can be clearly given a miss.

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