Who’s Poonam Kaur target? And what’s is her agenda?

Poonam Kaur is not stopping her tweets. She is still continuing her tweets and this time she seems to have targeted Pawan Kalyan. Few days back she tweeted, “Trying to understand what women empowerment really means ????” And Poonam recently tweeted, “Dabbul kosam maripoina siddantalu..me astitvam Enti ?avasarlu kosam maripoina nijayati ni gunam Enti ??? #justathought”

Poonam Kaur Tweets
Poonam Kaur Tweets

One may say that there is no mention of Pawan Kalyan and his political trip, but it is evident that she has made this tweet on him. Last Saturday, Katthi Mahesh made a truce with Pawan Kalyan’s fans saying that he went overboard attacking Pawan Kalyan’s personal matters and he promised that he would not criticise Pawan Kalyan.

However, Poonam Kaur is not going to be silent. She has been tweeting #PKLove messages on Twitter, and now she has come up with this ‘women empowerment’ tweet. Allegations are that she got the brand ambassadorship of AP Handlooms with PK’s influence.

What is Poonam’s strategy? It is no secret that she is die-hard fan of Pawan Kalyan. Going by the turn of events, her act doesn’t seem plain fan’s love. What is she trying to gain? What does she want from Pawan Kalyan?

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