Who’s in Shama’s life?

MUMBAI, MAY 16 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Remember the plain Jane Pooja of Yeh Meri Life Hai Shama Sikander? She has, suddenly, romped onto the hot street, these days. A toned body, a sensuous swagger and a mint-fresh smile – she oozes oodles of oomph that makes you swoon.

But what’s up, guys? What – or shall we say, who – has brought out this makeover? Well, the buzz has it that there is a certain someone to whom this change can be well & trully attributed. And that certain someone happened to her on the sets of Shashi Ranjan’s upcoming film Dhoom Dadakka . It is because of him, go the wagging tongues, that she is spending most of her time in the gym. But ask Shama about it and she breaks into that jingling giggle of hers – ‘Oh, don’t be naughty!’ But did you notice? That’s not a denial!

So folks, there is a fire to this smoke, after all.

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