Who is this Rakshaka Bhatudu?

Movie publicity has become a crucial part of these days. The movie goes well into the audience depending on how good the publicity promotions are. One small budget film is now in talks with its unique way of promotions.

Rakshaka Bhatudu
Rakshaka Bhatudu

Since some weeks, the promos of a new flick which is titled as Rakshaka Bhatudu is going rounds. The makers are showing a muscular police officer with the head of Lord Hanuman without revealing the actor behind that mask of Hanuman. Directed by Vamsi Akella, this movie is produced by Gururaj. The makers who have released the latest motion poster said that all are curious about the hero presented in this motion poster. This hype is enough for our movie to get a decent release. The director asked all to wait for more days to know the hero behind it.

Some say that the hero is Sunil as the body and skin tone is similar to his but the others say it’s Sampoornesh Babu. This muscular body is just a publicity stunt. Whoever might be the hero is, the makers became successful in bringing curiosity among movie lovers.

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