Who is the Highlight in Bahubali?

Bahubali is over now and now the latest hot topic in the film industry is about rating and review of the Baahubali. We are getting the rave reviews for the movie and ultimately the audience will decide the fate of the movie. Whatever the talk might be but the collections are going to shake the TFI box-office.

Bahubali Highlight Role

After watching the Baahubali first part almost all the audience impressed with Ramya Krishna (Sivagami) character. After watching the film, the most talked performance in this movie is Ramya Krishnan’s Sivagami role. Ramya Krishna’s ferocious look and her dialogue delivery are the major highlights of this movie.

However, the movie team also said that Ramya Krishna’s character will be highlight for the film.

Here is the Ranking for the Stars:

1.Ramya Krishna




5.Anushka Shetty (Anushka has a very limited role)

First place goes to Ramya Krishna then Rana, Prabhas, Tamannah and Anushka.

What do you say folks!! Am I Right…….

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