Who is Samantha’s Boyfriend

Soon after Samantha confirming that she is in love with a young hero, everyone started making guesses about the hero and the media is very curious to know about him. Samantha also confirmed that the hero was from Hyderabad. This is drawing several conclusions that it could be none other than Akkineni Naga Chaitanya. Naga Chaitanya and Samantha started their careers almost at the same time. Ye Maya Chesave is the first hit for both the actors. It is Samantha’s debut.

Samantha Boyfriend
Samantha Boyfriend

Both of them have been moving close from many days. In the past, there are several gossips about their relationship, but there is no evidence or no one has confirmed it. But now, Naga Chaitanya’s name is strongly heard as Samantha’s boyfriend. However, there is no official confirmation either from Akkineni family or from Samantha. On the other hand, the actress who is facing a lot of pressure from her fans and followers on Twitter, Samantha tweeted saying, “No more talk of marriage until I say so … I I I I ME ME ME ME aka SAMANTHA says so. Thank you.”

Wait for an official announcement from Samantha to get into any conclusion!!

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