Who is Anna Hazare?

Social activist Anna Hazare’s "fast unto death" in his fight against corruption has stirred up support across the nation, but filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is oblivious to it all, wondering who is Hazare.

Unlike many from the film fraternity who have voiced support to the cause, Varma said he was too busy with his film work.

"I have no idea who Anna Hazaare is as I don’t keep track of anyone expect (sic) for film people and gangsters. I don’t know what he is fasting for because I don’t know what he or anybody else in the whole world is up to as I am too busy in my film work," Varma posted on his Twitter page Thursday.

The multi-lingual filmmaker said he would never fast for anything or anyone except himself. However, he hoped the buzz on social networking sites due to Hazare’s protest ultimately reaps benefit.

"I will never ever fast for anything except for my own personal diet. Been hearing bout corruption since childhood..hope all the twitter nd Facebook noise will also convert to physical power," he tweeted.

Varma is popular for movies like " Rangeela", "Satya", "Company", "Sarkar", "Sarkar Raj" and the " Rakta Charitra" series. (IANS)

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