When Trisha controlled a mob of 1000 people

It is reported that Kollywood beauty actress Trisha has handled a mob of 1000 people during her shoot that took place in the border of Karnataka.

Trisha handled a mob of 1000
Trisha handled a mob of 1000

Director Govi, who is shooting ‘Nayaki,’ has Trisha in the lead role. This film is said to be a women-centric film with a lot of thriller scenes. As the part of shooting, the team placed themselves in Zaheerabad for the last twenty days.

Usually, this area in known for some terrific big mobs. On the first day of the shoot, there was not enough crowd, so the shoot went on smoothly, on the second day the word passed that heroine Trisha is shooting here. The third day, around 1000 people visited the shooting spot as it became tough for the crew to handle them.

It is said that producer Sravanthi Ravi kishore who once went there to shoot a film of his and returned back unable to control the crowd.

Director Govi, got in touch with three local police stations which he thought could control the crowd. But the Police didn’t have enough policemen to control the crowd. As the crowd got building up, the producer and director thought of announcing a pack up.

Here’s when Trisha took a brave step. She took on the mike and addressed the crowd in Hindi. She told them to cooperate for their shooting. Amazingly the crowd responded to her and helped them in smooth going of the shooting.

Kudos Tisha.

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