When Salman Wanted to Buy Shah Rukh’s Mannat

Mannat is the name of Shah Rukh Khan’s residence in Mumbai and it is worth of RS 200 crores. Shah Rukh Khan’s one and only priced possession are Mannat and before Shah Rukh bought this property, Salman Khan showed interest to purchase the same. Salman Khan himself recently revealed the same.

Salman Khan and Mannat
Salman Khan and Mannat

When Salman wanted to buy Mannat, his father changed his mind asking what would he do with such a huge bungalow. But Salman said that he always had the doubt about what Shah Rukh would do with such a big bungalow.

Shah Rukh revealed the reason behind buying the most costly property. “I came from Delhi and people who come from Delhi would always want to live in Bungalows. Initially, I and Gauri lived in an independent house as we do not like the Apartment culture in Mumbai. When I came to know about Mannat, I grabbed it at a go.” said Shah Rukh.

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