What’s behind Uday Kiran’s Death?

The mysterious question for everyone in south indian film industry is “what makes the actor Uday Kiran to take such a decision to end his life”, certainly there might be series of consequences which provoked him to take such an extreme step otherwise no one would instantly take this kind of decision.

Uday Kiran

Here are few of the gossips going around in the industry:

  • Depression over no films – According to his wife Vishita, he was supposed to receive a phone call from a tamil film producer, as expected he received the call and denied him a role in the big ticket Tamil movie and the producer stopped taking his calls after informing this to the actor. He may have go vexed about these filthy politics in the movie industry and took this extreme step. Before suiciding he make calls to his friends and sent a text message to his wife stating “I Love you” after that he stopped taking calls.Everyone is doubting now that who is behind the decision of the Tamil movie producer for denying the role in the movie.
  • Financial problems – Some say that he was in deep financial crisis, not paying rent from past 3 months and not answering calls from the people he owes money but the question is if he simply go for showroom openings or acting in serials he can pay off his dues. No one knows why he took this extreme step for this simple reason.
  • Caste domination in the industry – It is known fact that certain sections of the society rules the industry and they don’t allow other caste’s actors to grow in the industry. It is evident that from movie theaters to studios/production houses everything is owned by few industry big wigs who controls everything.

Even Uday Kiran’s father “Murthy” maintains distance from him and he doesn’t even attended his funeral due the misunderstanding in between father and son in terms of money management. Whatever it is, this is very sad for the Telugu film industry that it losts a genuine, hard working and talented actor.

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