What upset Katrina?

Katrina’s long Hindi dialogues in ‘Rajneeti’ have got the star a lot of attention, but does she speak the language well in real life? Apparently, not yet.

At a recent press meet for the movie in Mumbai, Katrina was answering the questions put to her in English. So some journalists asked her to answer their questions in Hindi. And the star was at a loss for words! It seems that she was unable to answer questions in Hindi, and kept returning to English.

So the journos began making fun of her. Kat was quite upset because of the teasing and apparently even came close to tears. At this point, ‘Rajneeti’ director Prakash Jha came to the star’s rescue. He told the newspersons that Katrina had worked very hard to speak in Hindi for the movie and that if she wanted to speak in English at events then that was her choice. Well, it certainly was her choice but it looks like Kat’s Hindi definitely needs practice.

And if you’re wondering what was going on through the minds of Kat and the other ‘Rajneeti’ stars at this event, we’ve got news for you. With a notepad in front of them, the stars got scribbling and doodling. Just check out these pictures, and you’ll see what they were up to.

Was it Katrina or Ranbir or Arjun Rampal who wrote ‘Does my face look puffy’? And who drew the funny figures and what looks like a quick portrait of Prakash Jha? Was it Katrina or Ranbir or Arjun Rampal? Our guess about the ‘puffy’ comment is that it might have been written by Katrina. Unless of course Ranbir or Arjun thought that’s how they were looking. What are your guesses?


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