What Missed in Baahubali For a Common Audience in Telugu!

Now the hot topic in Telugu states is about Pushkaralu and Baahubali. If four people joins in one place most of them discussing either Baahubali or Pushkaralu. All the world and other industry people in India are praising about the movie Baahubali but few people saying that Bahubali is disappointed them. The word disappointment we hear mostly in Tollywood. Why some Telugu people did not like the film and what they expected in Baahubali. Chitramala is coming up with some common points like what we see in other commercial movies and what missed in Baahubali.

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Missed Scenes in Baahubali
Missed Scenes in Baahubali


Baahubali is a movie that runs into the historical reign and fights between the kingdoms. In movies like Baahubali, the general audience has obviously missed the comic characters, because it become difficult for the makers to add comic character to create some laugh sequence, due to story seriousness and strong screenplay methodology. Their main focus will be on story-telling rather than generating comic sequences. This will be a little disappointing for Brahmi fans.

2.Signature Step:

Nowadays, in each and every Telugu movie the actors who plays the lead role will have signature step, like style of dialogue delivery, walking style, body movement style, style of holding the female leads in the movie,. etc. But, when it comes to Baahubali, the audience has missed all these as it did not match-up with the storyline of the movie. These kind of stories always require more seriousness of the actors rather than focusing on their various signature step in their previous movies. This is one of the very common things that Telugu audience might have missed this time.


In general, film-makers during the shoot of fight sequences use different kinds of special effect techniques, like visual effects, green screen effects, etc. Telugu audience are habituated to see all these fight scene, where the hero hits the bad guy, and the bad guy goes falls far by breaking walls and window. But, in Baahubali Telugu audience has missed these kind of fight sequence, as being a historical movie where character use Arms and big shields to fight with the enemy, film-makers can’t think of using regular fight methodology used for regular movies.

4.Punch Dialogues:

Every upcoming actor or the actors who are already working in the Telugu film industry since many years, has their unique success mantra when it come to making the movie a super-duper hit, that mantra is “Punch dialogues“. Every successful actor has used this mantra to make a mark in the minds of the audience with some catchy dialogues and dialogue delivery style. But, when it comes to Bahubali, as being a historical and epic kind of movie, due to serious story-line and heavy-weighted dialogues which kings to converse with each other at that point of time, there is little chance for the lead actors to fit their own punching dialogues, this part common mass audience missed in Baahubali.

5.The End:

The movie starts with a slide on screen stating “Baahubali – The Beginning”, by this many people from the audience might have understood that, there will be sequel or the second part of Baahubali will be coming very soon. But, for the people didn’t know about this, for them it will be a shock, as they were expecting the movie to be ended with a slide stating “Shubham/The End“. So, this is will be a little disappointment for a general mass audience as they expect the movie should end with this first part itself. So, this is a big disappointment for the people who expect SUBHAM card!!

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